Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Design Evolution

On the theme of blogs today, Design*Sponge is another blog we love to catch up on...when we get the chance. This week the amazing Grace Bonney has revealed the final artwork for her new book Design*Sponge at home. Head over to Design*Sponge and Grace walks you through the process of getting to the final copy and all 13 mock ups along the way.

As designers we know how important it is to uphold your brand's identity and stick to your guns when you have a certain look/feel for your business you want to convey to your customers. If you feel stuck on an idea and it doesn't feel right, like Grace go back to the drawing board and your brand's core message and brainstorm some more ideas, you will get there in the end! Afterall, it is essentially your shop front window display and it is how you will attract your customers in.

So on that note, we are excited about our new project we are working on for Coco & Ella Designs. We will have a special announcement next week! Stay tuned!

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