Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Loving - White on White!

We are loving white wedding and interior design at the moment. Here are some of our favourite pics we have found. We love how fresh, crisp and pure white can make any wedding or interior look.

How relaxed yet elegant do these weddings look? White really makes the surroundings pop, its like the environment has become a feature of the wedding rather than blending into the background. The balloons add a great touch to the celebration without blowing up out the budget. And the great thing is white is such a classic colour you can't go wrong, just think in 20 years you won't look back and say what was I thinking picking that colour!

I love the idea of the dining table by the built in bookcase. My dining area  (I couldn't really call it a room) is in desperate need of an update. The built in bookshelf would definitely add some much needed storage without taking up the little space I have. The dining table and space in the last picture is my dream dining table and chairs, at the moment I can only fit 4 people at my table! How fresh is the pop of colour with the chair below, love it!

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