Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding of the Century - Official Programme Released!

We can't help but be excited about Kate & Will's big day today! We are counting down to when the coverage starts, like the wedding dorks we are!

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We thought we would look back on some of the details of the wedding, such as the official invitation. It is very fitting for such an official occassion, but we think we could have done a much better job for such a young couple and a modern bride! We are playing around with some designs and will show you what we come up with...stay posted!

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The official program was released yesterday, check out this site for the whole program. We have designed quite a few order of service books over the years but have to say nothing to this scale! Sounds like it be will be a long day for the Bride & Groom!

We found an image of Charles & Diana's programme, far more elaborate...well it was the 80's! Have a look at here for the whole programme.

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This is the official engagement photo. Did you have a prewedding photo shoot? Did you do anything creative with the photos, maybe a slide show during your reception?

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